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Young Ambassadors of America Foundation

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Young Ambassadors of America Foundation


YAAF the aim is to make more outstanding young to go out of the country, the world, and an open mind, and to create a better life.
Young people are the future of the world, and our confidence in life.
The lives of many people in the world today lost a clear target, killing the biological mother and the innocent children, the importance of mental health to be famous for the benefit of unscrupulous, becoming increasingly prominent.

Life is a need friends, friendship, affection, love. Lifetime to pay what kind of friend, what kind of social circle, what luck.
American Youth Ambassadors foundation's mission is to hope that the youth of the United States as the Goodwill representative of the United States, out of the country, with the love of life,
With learning and desire for improvement, education, culture, art, science and economic fields, to get to know more friends, learn more about the social reality, hone and upgrade their affirmation of self-worth, strengthen confidence, belief, through social charity and public welfare, such as the establishment of a strong sense of social responsibility and mission. Useful only to become the world's progress, the pillars of the.

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