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Each generation has the characteristics and problems of this generation.

A loss of some of their own future, without any goal and motivation do not know what to do later. Because no one gave him suggestions, even around him are people like him;
Some people just out of the campus towards society, have the professional knowledge and skills, he is gearing up to make a big go, but he did not know how to start or even can not find a job. At this time, he needs more work or just a chance;
Some people already have a job, but he would like to start their own businesses, but the pressure on real material he did not dare to make any changes. Light a good idea is not enough, he needs to start capital and excellent cooperation team;
Some people have a successful career, rich material conditions, but the spirit of life is very poor. He will not care about the community with no sense of social responsibility. Because he was not aware of their obligation to give back to serve the surrounding society.
I have listed only part of the problem I see, the more serious social problems may be caused by these, such as: more and more people today are addiction, mental illness, domestic violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency ... and so on. As long as you look around you will find that this problem exists everywhere, your neighbors, your friends and family, as well as your own.
If you agree with my point of view above, so below is our foundation's mission

Among among certain classical music cognoscenti, few statements will probably cause one to lose more cred than saying this: “I love Lang Lang.”More than a decade after his debut, the 31-year-old pianist’s fame shows no sign of abating. His performances on various daytime and late-night television programs, not to mention playing at the White House and the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics, have ensured him renown far beyond the confines of the classical music world; perhaps the only pianist today of whom it can be said that he is a household name. Which is one of the reasons why a lot of people are skeptical, if not outright hostile to his work. The overbearing rubati and general willfulness of his aggressively miked studio albums don’t help. Which is why for some people, uttering “I love Lang Lang” is about as abysmal an admission to make as confessing a love for top 40 radio or Thomas Kincaide paintings would be elsewhere. In other words, very uncool.

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